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The Howden-le-Wear Craft Group was established in 2012 to work with traditional crafts. The original attendees were members of Howden-le-Wear History Society, and, led by Joan Potts, they started by making scarves, pictures, bags etc. The members were encouraged to try any crafts they wished, and use any materials they wished. Since then they have done a lot of ‘knitting and chatting’ and the group has gradually attracted more and more members. The regular Wednesday morning meetings from 10-00am to 12-00 noon now see some 20 regular attendees. The original members agreed that every decision they made would be taken on a democratic basis and, as a result, the members all have equal ownership of the unique hand crafted work that has been completed.  No conditions were set as to which materials they should use, be they wool, embroidery, felting and knitting etc.  As well the usual standard knitting patterns being used, they also resort to photographs and diagrams to help devise their own patterns or designs. In  doing so it has allowed them to create numerous unique pieces of work over the years.  The group not only produce hand crafted works for themselves, families or friends but have become involved in providing products for various projects and charities. These projects have included - The "Images of Howden" wall hanging depicting the village. - Knitted poppies for the village WW1 war memorial. - Jerseys to hang as bunting in the streets of Yorkshire for the opening stages of  the 2013 Tour de France. - Knitted herrings to be used on the set of the stage play Following the Fleet at South Shields.   In addition the charity work projects include- - Knitted garments to send to Rumanian orphanages. - Cardigans for the local Butterwick Hospice project. - Blankets for a local Cheshire Care Home. - Baby clothes for a Young Parenting Project. - Socks and knee blankets for a local care home. - Gloves and hats for the Salvation Army.  Furthermore the group members organise visits to Harrogate Craft Fair each year and enjoy their annual Christmas party.  They also have a monthly birthday party to celebrate with those members who have a birthday during that month.  Members bake one another cakes, make sandwiches and bring them to the meetings to celebrate.  In addition there are occasional workshops where experts come to demonstrate how the members can develop new skills. St Mary’s Anglican Church, built in 1869 and made redundant in 2008. Knitting embroidery and appliqué by Margaret Watson, with trees by Shirley Baird. In essence the Craft Group was established to encourage members of the local community to develop new skills.  It has created a welcoming and friendly environment where conversation accompanies the craft work.  The members are now involved in their new their new project called “Pine Needles instead of Knitting Needles”, a hand-crafted Christmas Tree with knitted foliage. New members are very welcome to attend the Wednesday morning meetings, and hopefully they will become regular attendees. 


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